• 8. Fire-Toolz "Skinless X-1"

    8. Fire-Toolz "Skinless X-1"

    It’s weird being an aging millennial. We used to be the cool kids, growing up watching technology age in parallel with our peers, our parents overwhelmed or bewildered, hovering over our shoulders, asking just who exactly are we chatting with on AIM (or MSN Messenger if you wore church handmedowns like myself), struggling to understand just what exactly a ‘Chex Quest’ entails. Now, in 2018, there are YouTube videos of pre-teens confused by cassette tapes. Now, in 2018, the bewilderment of our elders is now our own, albeit more than likely manifesting itself in fury. We remember dial-up tones, Trapper Keepers, Mac Tonight -- of all the vestiges of my childhood, the two constants that I can claim in full confidence still stand today are as follows: The Price Is Right is on at 10 am, and Jeopardy! is on at 7 pm.

    Angel Marcloid is not just another vaporwave anthropologist, however. Her work may involve a certain amount of digital data-mining, but the research is extensive, and the resulting product is not just a reframing of sonic ephemera from a generation prior. The production here is immaculate, precise; these aren’t happy accidents because Marcloid is too meticulous in her approach, guiding the sounds where they’re meant to take the listener, instead of just being swept away in the nostalgia of it all.

    In conclusion, a selection of .gifs I'm offering as a tribute to  “Skinless X-1.” Take your time, scroll leisurely, surf the web -- or (better yet), let the web surf you.