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The VoidCast is documented conversations with creatives.

ep03. Kevin Gwozdz -- Desert of Hiatus (aired Nov. 10, 2016)
This morning, Coke Machine Glow re-tweeted a sentiment by Jeff Weiss that struck me intimately: "Nothing feels more trivial right now than writing about music." Yet, for those of us who remain woke and aware (albeit frustrated and terrified), in small ways, we have opportunity to enact change, provide comfort, and protect and stand up for the people and values we know to be inherently right and just.

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to conduct my first VoidCast interview with Kevin Gwozdz, specifically about his incredible solo project Desert of Hiatus and the record label Kranky. We discussed influence and anxiety, how sounds and music can wake the human spirit, and finding focus through art. I'll be premiering some new Desert of Hiatus tracks tomorrow morning on the VoidCast alongside snippets of that interview, as well as a vast selection of work by Kranky artists curated by Kevin and myself. Sonically, this show will sound much different from my previous sets; perhaps something like a fugue for America's current state, but, ideally, instilled with some form of hope for these otherwise overwhelmingly discouraging times.

A huge thank you to Kevin for his generosity and willingness to be my first guest on this ever-evolving project.

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The VoidCast features thematic episodes centering around genre, process, context, and form, as well as short conversations with creatives. These interviews include discussions regarding the creative process, how one finds and maintains inspiration, what creatives do when they encounter a slump, and what drives their process forward.

Any dialogue is unified around sounds by or inspiring to the creatives who are sharing their stories, as well as music that compliments common aspects of the conversation. Each program is a journey without borders or constraints; in the Void, anything can–and must–occur.

these two episodes below were recorded before The VoidCast began airing on Freeform Portland KFFP-LP 90.3 FM.

002. Robert Ham -- Part I (released May 30 2015)
Robert Ham is a writer for Portland Mercury, Alternative Press, Paste, Tiny Mix Tapes, and many other publications. He also curates the site Experimental Portland. We spoke on his 40th birthday about a litany of things, after I treated him to breakfast at Pine State Biscuits (because fried chicken). This is the first of two parts, covering these topics: how we met, experimental music in the Pacific Northwest, being in love with all genres of music, nostalgia w/r/t listening habits, and living around people who aren't as obsessive as ourselves about music.

001. Netherfriends & Chipper Jones (released 20 January 2015)
I spoke to Shawn (Netherfriends) and James and Charlie (Chipper Jones) about tour life, hip-hop, their parents, and (briefly) donuts. Recorded to cassette in a coffee shop in SE PDX. 
This episode features songs that can be found and downloaded here: